Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Real Life...Sort Of

After a 13 1/2 hour drive (record time might I add) straight through from Seattle to Jackson, David and I are back in our apartment trying to adjust to what "real life" feels like again. I haven't worked in almost a month and it's weird to have responsibility again. I am starting my job at the Amangani today and I'm pretty excited about it. I loved having a job as a photographer, but it just wasn't what I was looking for. This way, I will be able to afford my photography and hopefully start something on my own soon. Sounds like a better plan to me.

Also, it's snowing in Jackson! How am I supposed to get motivated about summer when it's 32 degrees! So much for spring...It's too bad there isn't even enough snow to actually snowboard on. A week ago people were riding their bikes up Teton Pass if that says anything about how much melting had gone on. Maybe we'll have to check it out anyway. ;)

On another note, my friend Robin Pitt started up his project Influence Mag, which David and I are a part of. Influence is an online magazine featuring photo stories and HD video segments about adventure sports. This could include all kinds of sports: snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding, base jumping, surfing, etc. The goal is to encourage people to get out and explore all there is to offer in their surrounding area. Obviously in Jackson it's easy to do since the Tetons are our backyard, but there really is a lot to do in this world. You just have to look for it. If you are interested in subscribing (it's free!), go ahead and sign up at Influence Mag. Official posts don't start until September but it's always better to sign up before you forget :) You'll also see one of my photos featured on the main page slideshow!

I guess that's it for now. No crazy adventure stories on my end at the moment. I'll leave you with a few photos I shot of some tulips in Seattle. I forgot how many flowers there are all over that city. These things just pop up like weeds!

Spring Has SprungPretty in Pink

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Show...Finally!

Photographs are fantastic, but there is just something about seeing a finished product that puts them all together that really gets me excited. When I was at High Cascade Photo Workshop last year, all of the photographers teaching (Tim Zimmerman, Andy Wright, Christy Chaloux, Cole Barash, & Bud Fawcett) showcased their photographs from the previous season in a slideshow set to music. Each photographer had chosen just the right music for their show and it gave me the chills to watch them. Inspired by that, I decided to make a slideshow of all of my favorite photos from this season in Jackson Hole. I made the show on PhotoDex ProShow Gold. It was a blast putting it together and it really gave me something to do (and obsess over waaayyy too much) during my vacation in Seattle. Let me know what you think and most of all, enjoy!

Side Note: If you want to view it in HD (it's much cooler) then just click on the photo's title and it will take you straight to my Vimeo site.

Jackson Hole 09-10 Photo Show from Amy Galbraith on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back to the Rain

It started raining today. Thunder and everything. I figure that it's fitting considering that we are going to do a trip back to Seattle tonight. We have been house-sitting for two weeks and decided that it was time to head home. It's going to be a long and boring drive to a classy Comfort Inn in Spokane, then powering back to the city tomorrow. You can tell I'm excited...Now that I have the security of a job when I get back, I can go on this trip worry-free! We've been pretty busy getting cleaned up and stuff today, but I just thought of a video that I wanted to share. David's Jackson Hole 09-10 Season Edit! He compiled this video using all of the clips that we shot randomly throughout the year. I love the ending. So here it is! Enjoy!

Jackson Hole 2009/10 from David Duffy on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Snowboarding!

Teton Pass Powder
Destination: Powder

I guess I didn't expect the off-season to be filled with this much snowboarding, but yesterday it was! We got a solid 7" of snow on the Pass, along with a whopping 20" over at Grand Targhee! Time to take advantage. David and I planned on going up to the Pass at 7 am to meet up with Robin & Julie. We did a lap on Chiver's Ridge and decided it was so good, we could squeeze another one in before Julie had to go to work. It was definitely possible. I don't usually get up to the Pass until at least 9, so it was beautiful to see what happens there at sunrise.

Sunrise on Teton Pass
Early morning on Teton Pass.

Trail Creek Road
Trail Creek parking area.

Robin shoots marketing photos for the 'Ghee and he was able to convince me & David to get over there and ride (you can imagine he really had to twist my arm haha). We arrived to a beautiful sunny day, and a not overly-crowded resort. Targhee is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get out there more next year.

Mary's Nipple
This is called Mary's Nipple. It looks more nipple-y from up higher.

Riding trees at Grand Targhee
Some tree runs at the 'Ghee.

Another highlight from yesterday...I got a new job! I'm so excited. I'm going to be serving at the beautiful Amangani . Check out the website. You'll see why I'm so excited. It sounds like it's going to be a great job.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kicker Sesh on Teton Pass

The off-season has officially begun here in Jackson Hole. I've heard horror stories about this time of year, also referred to as "The Mud Season". The snow begins to melt away, people leave, and the town is lifeless. Lucky for me, I picked up a house-sitting gig for local portrait photographer Flo McCall out in South Park. It's not too far from town, but it's private with a dog and lots of room to play. It's also convenient in the sense that it's a straight shot up to Teton Pass where I can get those last few turns out of the way before I put my snowboard in the closet and pull out my bicycle.

In order to take advantage of the snow still left in the mountains, we packed up the truck with some friends and headed up to Teton Pass. We decided to make a run on an area of the south side of the pass called "The Claw". (Sounds scary, I know.) The Claw is a face made up of lots of trees, chutes, and cliffs. Super fun. The first day out, the snow was amazing. Still soft and fluffy due to the north-facing slope aspect. On our ride down we spied a spot that would be perfect to build a backcountry kicker. We've talked about doing that all season and decided that it was time to finally get it done.

Saturday, we piled up in the truck again, shovels ready to go. It took David, Trevor, & Russ (I was moral support) over an hour to build the beast. I'd say they did a pretty nice job though.

The Beast

Smooth it Out
Finishing touches.

It was time to hit it. I busted out my camera and got some shots of the boys sessioning. The jump had a pretty steep landing and they got some big air off of it.

Rodeo 5
David backflipping over the valley.

From Below
View from below.

Everyone started getting tired and we decided to head out around 3:30 pm. It was a nice long day on the Pass. Of course, there was still another day in the weekend, meaning another day to ride. I was feeling pretty sick when I woke up (not sure if it's allergies or a cold) but nevertheless, I dragged myself out of bed to go hike up to the Claw. Fresh air always helps when I'm sick anyway. We had a crew: David, Trevor, Russ, Cyrus, Justin, and our Seattle friends Robin Pitt (a fellow photog) and his girlfriend Julie (used to work at Café Ladro in lower Queen Anne!). Everyone sessioned all day and we had the best time.

Frontside 3
Cyrus, frontside 360.

Hard at Work

Russ Sends It
Russ sends it.

Hiking the Jump
Cyrus & David hiking the jump.

Trevor Hucks It
Trevor rocks his pickle.

Backside 5
David, backside 5.

Backcountry Method
David gets that backcountry method shot he's wanted all season!

Unfortunately, that might have been one of the last days we get to ride this season. The snow was so heavy and sticky when we came down through the chutes that it was almost unbearable. Needless to say, it was one of the best days we've had out on the Pass with good friends, good riders, and lots of laughs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The End of a Season

It's really a shame that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort had to close its lifts this weekend. Mother Nature ended the season with a bang, dumping a few feet of snow over the course of just a few days. Unfortunately, Jackson Hole is restricted to Teton National Park guidelines and has to close at a certain time every year, regardless of the current snowfall. David and I ended the season with a couple of really awesome backcountry runs, and I thought I'd share.

Cliff Drop Method
Nothing like a cliff drop method.

Soft Landing
Stomped it.

Looking Back

Pow Slash
Pow slashing.

Rock Springs Method
More than one way to do a method.

Hiking for Pow
Hiking for pow.

Testin the Landing
Testing the landing.

Drop to Trees
Gnarly drop into the trees in Rock Springs.

Nothing but pow out there...sad. At least we still have Teton Pass though. You can be sure I'll be making my way up there as soon as the storms settle and the avalanche danger decreases. What a great end to the season though. Wow.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Surprise Powder Day...on Gaper Day!!

Team 80s
80s Dream Team

Ah, yes. Everybody's seen them. Maybe you are one of them. Does your ski outfit contain hints of neon? Is your ski outfit tight? Are the legs on your ski outfit just a bit short and tapered? Is your ski outfit all one piece?? Does your butt look long, wide, and flat (otherwise known as a "mom butt")?? Do you just skip the ski outfit all together and wear jeans?? Then you're a GAPER! Here in Jackson Hole, we experience an unbelievable amount of gaping. One piece suits and neon clothing seems to get dug up out of closets from all across America and appear on the beginner slopes of Jackson Hole. Or maybe even the glorious Thunder Bumps run for the more "advanced" of the gapers. Yesterday was April 1st. Tis the day to celebrate the extreme amount of gaping that occurs here. It's the time when all the locals can let loose and finally wear that one piece that they've been hiding away for all these years. Or maybe they'll just dress up like something a hot dog...or a banana...or a rabbit? No need to explain anymore. Check out the photos to see for yourself...Oh yah. It was a powder day too.

Outside the MOB
Long, flat, wide butts. One pieces are so attractive.

Tram Box
On the tram.

On the four pines hike
Hiking out to Four Pines.

She's from the future.
Anna slashing pow in her one-sie.

Spot the Rider
Not sure if you can find me in this picture...Oh I guess the neon gives it away.

Memorable Gondy Ride
On our way to shred Thunder Bumps.

There are people in the background

Fanny packs are so hot right now.

Hunter in traditional Tele Ski gear.
Hunter dressed like a normal tele skier.

The Thunder Bumps Shit Show
Party at Thunder Bumps.

Creepy Costume Award
Which costume is creepier?

Gaper Day at Nick's
Me and my delicious hot dog.