Thursday, March 22, 2012

a walk on the snake river

The last few days I have been dreadfully sick. Usually I don't let sicknesses get to me, but this one broke me down so much I was stuck on the couch for three days solid. Yesterday I was feeling slightly better so I decided to take a brief walk down the Snake River to enjoy some of the spring weather. It's 50 degrees out now and it's starting to feel like spring. It's this time of year that I miss Seattle and all of the blooming flowers and trees. No green here. Hopefully we get a bit more snow so I can still enjoy the rest of the winter before heading south for the sun. Here are a few photos of what "spring" in Jackson looks like.




Friday, March 16, 2012

jarrod & hannah's mountain-top engagement

I was so excited when I got a call from Hannah's mom in Alabama this past week. She explained that her daughter's boyfriend was going to propose on their trip to Jackson Hole and she really wanted to have somebody document this special event. After a little coordinating with Jarrod, I sneakily hid behind the pillars at the top of the Jackson Hole gondola with butterflies in my stomach as I watched Jarrod get down on one knee through my lens. Hannah, of course, said yes, and was so excited! I'm sure the two of them were on cloud nine for the rest of their trip. Congratulations, you two, and have fun with your wedding planning!

Monday, March 5, 2012

i love snowboarding

All I can say is...I love snowboarding. It's the weeks like this that keep me going back for more, and make me realize why I chose to live in a place like this. Oh, beautiful Jackson Hole.

sublette chairlift
a very snowy sublette chairlift ride.

dreamy alpenglow at teton village.