Friday, April 24, 2015

playful spring wedding at red cedar farm | abby and aaron

Being a part of Abby and Aaron's wedding celebration was truly a special time for us. I had been up to Deception Pass with them for their engagement session, all the while learning about their lives together as a couple and what they hoped to plan for their wedding day. I traveled to Bainbridge Island with Abby on a cloudy Friday afternoon to check out her wedding venue. Over the course of the ferry ride, watching harbor porpoises playfully jumping in the water, and scouting out her amazing wedding venue, we really got a lot of time together to chat. I learned what it was like to grow up on Bainbridge Island, heard about her graduate studies at University of Washington, and stories of her and Aaron's friends and family. Aaron and Abby even invited us to their rehearsal dinner - not as photographers, but as guests. It gave us the unique opportunity to get to know the people that are most special to them in their lives before the big day in a very laid back environment. We exchanged stories with their bridal party, clinked glasses during toasts, and shared some amazing food with their families. Once the big day came around, we were so relaxed. I've never felt so comfortable photographing a wedding before. It could be the fact that Abby and Aaron are incredibly kind and gracious people with common interests, but I also believe that truly taking the time to get to know someone before you photograph them can create some really incredible results. Not to mention, they are definitely the type of people I would love to grab a beer with after a stressful week of work. I can't say enough about how wonderful Aaron and Abby's friends and family were, truly making us feel welcome and like a part of the group.

Okay, so the wedding. The day began with a Catholic ceremony at a beautiful little church in Suquamish. St. Peter Catholic Church is located next to the grave of Chief Sealth and is part of the church that Abby grew up going to. After the ceremony, the couple exchanged hugs with guests and rode off in Aaron's truck to the reception. I think that Aaron and Abby knocked it out of the park when they chose Red Cedar Farm as their reception venue. This place was awesome. Beautiful barns, sweet farm animals (including some adorable donkeys!), a pinball room, shuffleboard, beautiful fire pit, this place has the perfect set up for a laid-back and fun-filled celebration. Abby and Aaron took it a step further and set up bags of legos on all of the tables. When it was time for dinner, rather than calling out the table numbers, each table had to come up with a lego creation. The maid of honor and best man then went around and judged all of the sculptures, then the winners got to go through the buffet first! Dinner consisted of a variety of grilled kabobs and homemade smoked salmon made by Abby's father. It was a wonderful evening filled with joy and laughter. From the bottom of my heart I wish these two all of the best in their years of marriage!

Venue: St. Peter Catholic Church and Red Cedar Farm
Flowers: Pa Cha Farms at Pike Place Market