Monday, August 25, 2014

seattle senior photographer | delaney.

I am so excited to share these images with you today from Delaney's senior portrait session. Delaney is graduating in the class of 2015 and is a very sweet young lady from Port Angeles. She wanted to do her session up there as she really does love where she grew up. Her dad came to the session and it was so much fun to watch him make her laugh for photos. A mixture of sweet portraits in the tall grass and lifestyle images on the windy seashore, I love how this session turned out and I think it really captures the essence of Delaney's personality and her love for where she's from. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

personal | we're engaged!!

Wow wow wow! What a week it has been. Six days ago I had one of the most exciting days of my life thus far. After photographing an absolutely fabulous wedding at Crystal Mountain last weekend (thanks Brian and Colleen!), we stayed the night and had a fantastic "Sunday Funday" as I like to call it. We woke up, had breakfast on the patio of the little mountain inn we stayed in, then headed up the gondola for some sightseeing and a round of disc golf. (Side note: if you are not a great disc golf player, do NOT play the summit course at Crystal. Not only did we loose a disc on hole one after it disappeared into a great abyss off of the mountain top, but we ended up having to hike down the entire mountain off-trail just to play these ridiculously long holes. It was fun but a VERY difficult course and also unexpected 3 hours of hiking down the entire mountain haha.) After that adventure we had some lunch at the base, ran into an old friend, and made our way home.

With a few hours of sunlight to spare, David suggested we shower and go grab a drink somewhere on a patio or watch the sunset since it was a nice day. I said I didn't want to spend money out so we decided on wandering up to our usual spot at Kerry Park, the gorgeous park that overlooks Seattle. Once we got to a very crowded park (there were people everywhere) we snuggled up in a little spot on the ledge, chatting and looking out at the city we call home. We chatted for a while, and then somehow I noticed that David was pulling something out of his pocket. At the time I was just thinking, "Is this really a proposal??" and I'm not even sure what was said or even if I answered the question but I heard cameras going off and people clapping. What??!! Such a surprise! Being the photographer that I am, I said, "I really hope someone got a photo!!" and David turned around and pointed at someone in a Mariner's hat, holding one of my cameras and long lenses. It was his sister and she had captured the whole thing! I was ecstatic at this point and the bottle of champagne that Laura had brought up made everything even more exciting. We spent the better part of the night on the phone and celebrating from afar with family and friends.

I'm so excited to be taking this next step in our relationship and can't wait to start down the path of wedding planning (that is, after I finish up with this wedding season). Cheers to getting married!!

David looking around, probably for Laura.

The big moment!

Still trying to figure out what is happening but I'm pretty excited at this point!

Pointing out Laura, I was so thrilled to see her :)
hugs & kisses, of course.


One of our favorite places. We live four blocks away. David was the first person to ever take me here.

Friday, August 15, 2014

seattle engagement photographer | brian & colleen.

Since the moment I met Colleen I knew she would be an amazing person to work with. When we met about her and Brian's wedding, it was the fall and we chatted over a round of pumpkin spice lattes like we were old friends. Meeting Brian for their engagement session was no different and we all chatted and strolled around different parks in Bellevue like it was just any other day and I just happened to have a camera. They even brought their adorable pup around for a couple of photos! These two are also getting married at one of my favorite places in Washington -- Crystal Mountain -- in just one day! I love these special relationships with my clients and I can't wait to be a part of their celebration this weekend.