Friday, May 29, 2015

pacific northwest alpine lake engagement hike | jason & kate

Hiking in the Northwest has been a big part of my time that I've spent here. I love being outdoors and getting in the mountains is my number one priority when I'm not working. That being said, I haven't really had that much time to hike these days. Wedding season beginning and planning for our own wedding has kept us super busy (shocking, right?). So why not combine work and play? David and I have been dreaming up the idea of taking a couple up to one of our favorite little lakes off of Stevens Pass before but the 8-mile out-and-back up a steep hill while also trying to look good for photos is an obvious barrier. Jason and Kate booked us to shoot their wedding this August and recently moved back to the Northwest. When we finally had the pleasure of meeting in person, we discussed ideas for their engagement session. When Kate mentioned that they really like hiking, I starting feeling out the idea of doing a "longer" hike with them and she suggested one of her favorite destinations in the Alpine Lake Wilderness, Lake Serene. David and I didn't want to pass up a day in the mountains so of course we were on board!

Let me just start by saying that a shoot like this is no small task to coordinate. If you want to look great while actually taking photos in these locations, getting sweaty is not ideal. Luckily Kate's brother is training for Mt. Rainer and volunteered to tag along and carry all of the outfits that Jason and Kate wanted to wear up to the lake and also food and water. We were able to hike at a leisurely pace, taking photos at different stops along the way. This hike was beautiful. A jaw-dropping waterfall was followed by dense woods and steep switchbacks that led to the little turquoise gem that is Lake Serene. The lake is situated directly below Mt. Index which towers above its sparkling waters. This was truly a stunning location for an equally amazing couple. The day was filled with lots of laughter, some sore legs, great conversation, and the occasional rock-hopping in stilettos. It was a dream photo session made into a reality and I am so excited to share these images! Thanks to Jason and Kate for being amazing the entire time. We can't wait to capture your love on the big day later this summer!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

seattle senior photographer | kiliai

I'm heading out to Portland to shoot a wedding this weekend but couldn't help but want to share this senior session with Kiliai before I left! Kiliai is one of our senior ambassadors of the Class of 2016. I actually did photos of his sister last year so I was excited when he reached out to me. Their family is wonderful! A soccer player and a wrestler, this smart young man wants to attend University of Washington or UCLA after he graduates. I had a great time working with him for his senior portraits and I wish him all the best for his senior year!