Wednesday, March 30, 2016

olympic national park wedding at lake crescent lodge | stephen & jenny

Last summer I pulled a double header weekend with one of the craziest treks in between locations: Olympic National Park to Leavenworth. It was a doozy! That being said, both weddings turned out beyond beautiful and somehow I barely even noticed how tired I was. I shared the Leavenworth wedding a while back but am excited to share this beauty today! Stephen and Jenny are two pretty amazing individuals. Stephen is a part of the Australian military and Jenny is a flight attendant. Chance brought these two together when they ended up meeting each other in Hawaii. While their lives can be at times a bit crazy with their demanding travel schedules, love perseveres. They were fortunate enough to come together get married up at Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park near where Jenny grew up. The scenery was beyond stunning. A quaint lodge is nestled right next to the turquoise lake with plenty of cabin lodging for guests. We had beautiful weather all day as Stephen and Jenny said their vows, then hopped into a canoe post-ceremony. We finished off the evening with a stunning sunset shoot by the lake. It was one fabulous gathering of family and friends that I'm sure these two will never forget.

Venue & Catering: Lake Crescent Lodge
Florist: Sofie's Florist

view of lake crescent
lake crescent lodge building
white and purple boutonnieres on a wine barrel
black and white image of cufflinks and hotel key
black and white image of groom fixing cufflinks
black and white image of the inside of lake crescent lodge at olympic national park
groomsmen clinking glasses of beer
outdoor cabin at lake crescent lodge
garter hanging on edge of chair
white peep-toe bridal shoes
pink and black rain boots with wedding bouquets
bridesmaid wrapping ribbon around a purple and white bouquet
bridesmaid helping bride put wedding shoes on
bridesmaid hugging bride on wedding day
groomsmen walking together on the beach of a scenic lake
wedding certificate and fancy pen
flower girls cutting the ribbon at a wedding ceremony
groom escorting his mother down the aisle at a wedding ceremony
groom hugging bride's mother at wedding
groom reacting with a smile when he sees his bride
father giving daughter away to groom
panoramic view of wedding ceremony at lake crescent in olympic national park
groom saying vows to bride at outdoor wedding
groom signing marriage certificate at outdoor wedding ceremony
bride and groom performing sand ceremony at outdoor wedding
bride and groom walking down aisle after getting married
groom looking lovingly at bride
closeup of groom adjusting wedding band
groomsmen laughing at each other
purple and white wedding party
bridesmaids wearing purple dresses with bride
closeups of bride's purple bouquet and groom's purple boutonniere
groomsmen carrying a canoe
bride in short dress looking at her groom
groomsmen with matching socks
closeup of bride and groom holding hands
bride standing next to pink and black rain boots
groomsmen putting canoe in lake
bride and groom wearing rain boots
bride and groom getting into canoe
bride and groom in canoe on turquoise lake
groom helping bride out of canoe
bride and groom walking through woods with wedding party
bride and groom kissing on bridge in the woods
bride and groom kissing on bridge in olympic national park
bride and groom standing next to giant tree in rainforest
bride and groom standing next to lake in the sunshine
name spelled with twigs in moss
bride and groom smiling at each other in thick forest
purple and white wedding party standing in the forest
purple and white wedding party standing on road in the forest
tent wedding at lake crescent lodge
wine bar and homemade jelly at wedding reception
wedding rings in moss
wedding cake with purple flowers
groomsman catching wedding bouquet
bride and groom entering wedding reception
cute young girl playing outside
bride and from socializing at wedding reception
bride laughing with father at wedding reception
best man being fed steak while preparing toast
bride and groom kissing at wedding reception
black and white image of woman laughing at wedding reception
best man giving toast at wedding reception


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Cinderella K said...

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