Thursday, July 23, 2015

san juan island engagement session | dominic and ellen

One word comes to mind when I think of Dominic and Ellen's engagement session on San Juan Island - gracious. Dominic and Ellen proposed the idea of doing their engagement photos on San Juan Island and I couldn't help but jump at the idea. Not only did we get the opportunity to travel to a place we'd never been, but these two were simply the most welcoming hosts to us. We stayed on beachfront property in a beautiful home that Dom's family had built on the island. If you've never been to San Juan Island - go!! It's so lovely. With Dom and Ellen as our tour guides, we got to experience a perfect sampling of everything San Juan Island has to offer. They showed us lighthouses, views of Mt. Baker and Canada, cider-tasting, the quaint little town of Roche Harbor, and the most incredible sunset view. I can't thank them enough for what wonderful hosts they were throughout the whole weekend. While I could go on and on about everything we saw, I think it's best to let the photos speak for themselves on this one.

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